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Our Story

Cải thiện việc cung cấp thông tin và trợ giúp pháp lý về quyền lợi hợp pháp cho người lao […]

hỗ trợ NLĐ đến từ các địa phương khác bảo vệ được quyền lợi cư trú và tiếp cận an […]

Narrative description of Project: This project supports the migrant workers to well implement temporary residence registration procedures and have better […]

Narrative description of Project: The project will support a coalition of CSOs engaged in service delivery to migrant communities in […]

Justice to the poor- this slogan describes in a nutshell the basic principle of commitment of Bread for The World […]

I am pleased to write about the working relationship between the Cuu Long Delta RWSS Project and SDRC which goes […]

PRACTICE AND TRANSPARENCY OF ACCOUNTABILITY OF SDRC SDRC is a non-governmental science and technology organization, which was established in 1989 […]